Wynoochee Resources is an editorial, writing and research company based in Seattle.

Wynoochee specializes in energy-related content, but does work in other fields as well.

Wynoochee's main researcher, Ben Tansey, is the author of Public Power Chronicles, a primer on public power in the Northwest United States. Wynoochee also provides editorial services for publications such as Clearing Up, a Northwest energy policy trade publication, California Energy Markets, which does the same for the Southwest, and Relicensing Review, which tracks the efforts of West Coast hydroelectric owners as they navigate the multi-year, multi-million dollar process to renew long term licenses of non-federal hydroelectric projects, such as Hells Canyon and the Klamath project. Mr. Tansey also contributes content to a number of other publications.

Wynoochee also performs due diligence research on energy-related companies, local and corporate histories, and many other products.

For information about Wynoochee services, please contact Mr. Tansey:

E-mail: Btansey@newsdata.com
Phone: 206-285-4848 ext 212 / cell: 206-335-7018
Address: 3400 25th Ave W Suite 401 Seattle, WA 98199

Wynoochee, pronounced WHY-noo-CHEE, is the name of a river on the Olympic Penninsula.